Friday, March 6, 2009

Veggie Heaven

R is still in town :).

Veggie Heaven (99% vegan, 100% vegetarian)
1914 Guadalupe St, #A
Austin, TX

We went to Veggie Heaven on Wednesday. It was a typical small cheap place...plastic looking tables, etc. The service was definitely mediocre, our waitress spoke inaudibly softly. The food was fine, nothing to write home (or blog) about really. R got the bamboo tofu and his was pretty good, better than mine (hoisin tofu), but it tasted like the kind of dish you would get at a cheap, bad Chinese restaurant, but minus the grease. Bamboo tofu had flavor and spice (mine did not) but both were drowning in their sauces. We split vegan pot stickers for an appetizer and they were quite good, but didn't really resemble pot stickers physically or in taste. It was basically some kind of veggie puree (with an oddly smooth texture) inside of a rice wrapper that was fried into a circle. Never the less, we both enjoyed them. I have heard good things about their yam dish but forgot to try it. The one perk of this restaurant: options. There were 50 entrees on the menu + appetizers, etc.

We are going to Curra's tonight and I am excited. They boast that they have award winning enchiladas. But, more importantly, they have molletes. A treat I have not had since my summer in Morelia, Mexico. They also have soy chorizo on th menu and I read on one vegetarian website that they will substitute it for any meat in a dish. :-P

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  1. Hey Tara, thanks for leaving a comment on my Trader Joe's blog :-)

    Some good friends of mine, who both have been hardcore vegans, are traveling the US and visited Austin recently. They also thought it was an oasis in the desert with great food - and called it the "Seattle of Texas"