Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Biscuit Problem

Generally, R stays with me Monday through Friday, going home only on weekends if at all. Typically, during those days, I am effectively a vegetarian (unless laziness kicks in and I make super quick and delicious Trader Joe's pork gyoza for lunch). During these days, I also tend to do the bulk of the cooking.

I imagine every couple has a division of labor with respect to a lot of domestic tasks. R fixes my computer, and I cook and bake most of the time. Considering that I think of my laptop as a little box that performs magic behind a thin screen, I think it's a very, very fair trade.

To make my life easier and reduce the burden of figuring out "what's for dinner?" on a nightly basis, I like to plan 4 separate dinners over the weekend that can be easily executed on a busy weeknight. I only do 4 because we always have leftovers or get lazy and eat out.

Last week I made: Chinese chow mein with fresh veggies and sauteed tofu, baked falafel wraps, and baked, cheesy pasta. One night I got lazy and asked him to cook -- he made delicious pad thai.

This weekend, my brain wasnt working. When I tried to think of new meals to make, or recipes to try, I couldn't. I could only think about biscuits and mashed potatoes...neither of which constitute meals, right?

Here is my problem: I want to make cheddar, chive buttermilk biscuits because I bought buttermilk 2 weeks ago that I have yet to use. Also, I have 4 large russet potatoes from the Dosas we never made (too lazy to go buy curry leaves) and would love to make garlicy mashed potatoes.

These are carby side dishes...side dishes to what? MEAT! I have no idea what vegetarian items to put next to them and no idea where to even look.

There are so many food blogs out there, which is amazing and wonderful and I am addicted to about a dozen of them. But where is the website that will tell me what, that hasn't died, I can put a buttermilk biscuit next to and call it a meal.


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